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If you find that you need even more of a spark beyond our generator, the Internet's got you covered. Here are some of our other favorite generators on the web: Fantasy Book Title Generators: Random Fantasy Generator 2.0, Random Fantasy Novel Titles, Serendipity: Fantasy Novel Title This idea generator is a funky little doodad that will train your brain to be more creative through the use of random words. Generate random words and images then use them in a variety of activities to help your creativity flow. Move the items around, resize them, refresh them and let it guide your mind as it wonders This generator is rather repetitive, however, you don't really get too many variations on the general story. I do like Plot Generator UK, but probably they're shorter story idea generators such as the Story Ideas Generator. For me, however, I prefer a shorter story idea, which gives my creative brain more room to move Random First Line Prompts. The aim of these writing prompts is to spark off a short story. When you click the button, a random first line for a story will be generated

Random Plot Generator. The aim of this writing prompt is to help you develop a story-line. When you click the buttons, they will generate two characters, a setting, a situation and a theme. Your job is to put the elements together and come up with an idea for a story. You can change an element by clicking the button again Most story idea generators are awful. They offer these mash-ups of random details that don't make any sense, and require the writer to sift out the irrelevant details and find the connections. Or worse yet, they make you fill out some kind of form to get a nonsensical outline. The story generator above works differently Need fiction writing inspiration? The ServiceScape Writing Prompt Generator has hundreds of creative writing ideas. From Fantasy to Science Fiction to Horror to Romance, our free and easy-to-use writing prompt generator can get your gears turning for whatever fiction story you want to write Our Random Book generator is filled will thousands of different book titles just waiting to be discovered by you. Getting started is simple. All you need to do is decide the number of random books you'd like to generate, then click on the button. In a matter of seconds, you'll have your chosen number of random books displayed before your eyes Visual Novel Random Idea Generator. Your task: Create the plot of a visual novel utilizing these elements: Genius Hero; Handjob; Hero with Wings; Protagonist with Ahoge; Student Club President Protagonist; Some terms to remember: Protagonist A VN's protagonist is the character that the player takes control of

Sometimes a random word just isn't enough, and that is where the random sentence generator comes into play. By inputting the desired number, you can make a list of as many random sentences as you want or need. Producing random sentences can be helpful in a number of different ways Random Story Idea Generator We created this random story idea generator to provide inspiration to science fiction writers, roleplayers, or game makers. While a little imagination is required (as is 99.9% of the creative process), we hope you will find it a useful way to slap your muse around the face and engage your creativity (Story) concept idea generator. This generator will give you 10 random ideas or writing prompts. ideas which are mostly directed at short stories and creative writing, but they could work just as well for other art projects or they might spark an idea for something different entirely

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Plot-Generator.org.uk - This plot generator features plots for short stories, plot twists, fairytales and more. Use the Story Ideas option if you want a quick random story idea. Some of the other options have more involved forms. You can fill the form with random ideas to speed it up Idea Generator To view the Idea Generator in its entirety, click here to log in, or sign-up if you have not already. Note: You must also activate your Free Trial or be subscribed This name generator will give you 10 random book titles for one of 10 genres based on your choice. The names are separated into different categories, but they're all pretty straight forward. Obviously stories will rarely fit just one genre, in fact, out of the 10 genres in this generator you could probably think of a plot that would fit in at least 5 of them

Use this Writing Prompt Generator to find countless random writing prompts for your next gaming adventure, story or any other kind of project. Enjoy! Generate writing prompts Get ideas. Because of this, I've modeled this story idea generator after the 48 Hour Film Project model Posted by Darla G. Denton, Writer March 19, 2014 September 4, 2014 Posted in Random Idea Generators, Writing Resources Tags: 35 Random Idea Generators for writing a Romance Novel, Darla G. Denton, Idea Generator, Random Idea Generator, Writing Resources, Writing Romanc

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STORY IDEA GENERATOR . A jumping off point for your next great story. AN. SET IN . IN THE. ABOUT A . WITH. TRYING TO . how it works. Click on the different elements to change them until you get an idea you like. Use the result as a starting point for your next great story, or just as an exercise to flex your creative muscles How many ideas can I generate with this random Plot Generator? The Plot Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your plot ideas to a text editor of your choice Random Adventure Generator. Theme: Comedy: This adventure is fun for fun's sake. Its basic purpose is to provide humorous entertainment with a minimum of actual danger or tragedy. Goal: Settle a Debt: A player character may find himself in the position of needing to settle a debt. He could.

With this story title generator, you can generate titles for 10 type of story, Sci-fi, Romance, Humor, Drama, Children, Adventure, Mystery, Nonfiction, Fantasy, Horror, which contain most of the types of popular novels. Obviously the titles of different types of novels vary greatly, and depending on the type of novel you are sure to find some inspiration The Writer's First Line Generator will create an intriguing opening for your novel or short story. These first lines are inspired by analysis of some classic openers. There is a formula to compelling opening lines and it is about creating a story within a single line - even if it is not the story that will ultimately be told This writing generator offers exciting ideas that will pull writing out of you. Once you have a great idea, you'll be ready to write your short story, novel, or screenplay. 3. Random First Line Generator. This first line generator provides ideas for the opening line of a short story, novel, or screenplay Story Ideas Generator — If you are a writer, you are familiar with the feeling of a potential story swirling around inside of your head.You might notice something that inspires you and question whether or not it would make a great short story. You may have created characters that have depth and personality, but not have quite the right tale to tell that features these beloved personalities

Random Idea, Plot and Inspiration Generators for Art and Writing. Get your angstfest on, it's time for the Young Adult Contemporary Novel Title Generator! With bonus ninjas, thanks to a list of YA sports and martial art-themed contemporaries that was included in my sources Have you ever needed a random idea when running a concept workshop, or just need some inspiration to come up with ideas for your own? Look no further! Simply give the slot machine a spin! You never know, you might just hit the jackpot and find fortune with your idea Do you need a cool idea for a new game but you're struggling to think of anything interesting? I mean, all the games have already been made already right? Well, the random game generator below has over 55,000 possibilities that it can produce. They haven't all been done before. Some of it might be a little weird, though I think that's the.

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Masterpiece Generator refers to a set of text generator tools created by Aardgo. The tools are designed to be cool and entertain, but also help aspiring writers create a range of different media, including plots, lyrics for songs, poems, letters and names This Creature Idea Generator will help to guide your thinking process towards completely new creatures by fusing diverse species together, many of which you never knew existed! Creature Art Prompt Ideas: Creature Z Ideas. This process will prompt a very bizarre Creature Design by forcing a totally different approach

Drawing Ideas. We're happy you were able to make it to our Random Things to Draw Generator. You have likely made your way here because you're looking for input on random things you can draw. That's exactly why we created this tool. Simply click on the generate button and a random result will appear If you need a genre for your next writing project or simply to get ideas for what kind of book you would like to read next you will find this random generator useful. I gathered a list of 165 popular genres and less-well-known sub-genres such as tech-noir that you can explore at random Reedsy Plot Generator — Generates random plot ideas with zero input. Fantasy Plot Generator — Generates random plot ideas for a male or female protagonist. Seventh Sanctum story generators — Provides links to multiple plot generators. Plot Generator at Rangen.com — Asks for a genre and detail level and generates random plot ideas Prophecy Generator Random Book Titles Random Quests Science Fiction Plot Generator SFF Characters Superpower Generator TechnoBabbage Short Story Pulpulous. So, you always wanted to write a fantasy novel, but just can't seem to think up a suitable plot? Well this won't help, but you can have a little fun and claim that it's for research

Get inspiration for starting a business with the one-click Business Idea Generator. Use it as a product idea generator and to brainstorm new small business ideas. >Start your business legally as LLC or INC and save 10% with Legalzoom Promo Code BEST4B19 Read my review of Legalzoom for LLC, DBA or INC for your new business. Get New Business. Video Game Idea Generator We used machine learning to train our AI on over 1,000 video game ideas that were submitted by users of a reddit forum, so the AI could then come up new ideas of its own. Note: We try to filter out offensive content, but some game ideas our AI generates may not be appropriate for young children This generator can help you come up with a list of titles, but many of the options can be used to create a place or character name as well. This is helpful as naming things in your fantasy can also be time-consuming. Random Fantasy Novel Title Generator . This is another generator that is basic but useful

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This is a random mythical creatures generator which uses a list of 101 of the most well-known ones of all time from Unicorns to Zombies and Vampires. To use it all you have to do is select how may you would like to see each time. Related generators. PSN Name Generator Generating random paragraphs can be an excellent way for writers to get their creative flow going at the beginning of the day. The writer has no idea what topic the random paragraph will be about when it appears. This forces the writer to use creativity to complete one of three common writing challenges The Random Drawing Idea Generator is a website which gives you ideas to draw of if youre having difficulty thinking of something.It gives you a Who and a What, both randomly selected with unique ideas which could turn into a creative drawing!. To receive a new idea input from the website you need to click the vibrant text in parentheses with the words ((Click here to randomize! Writing Prompt Generator ALL Writing. Get great ideas for stories from the Writing Prompt Generator. If you are stuck for ideas for your next writing project then the random writing prompt generator is the perfect tool for you. Get inspiration for your very first lie or for the scenario that sets the tone of your next writing masterpiece

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  2. By a good surname I mean a surname that will go with a first name you may have already thought of, so I have designed this random last name generator around the idea that you have probably already thought of a first name you would like to use
  3. Get ahead of the competition and instantly generate a body of compelling Character Design ideas by tapping into this innovative Character Design Idea Generator. Packed with over 10,000+ words it's geared towards creating fresh and believable character art ideas that will assist you in developing a unique portfolio that is suited to the concept art and entertainment industry
  4. Anyway after the popularity of my last two novel title generators for romantic fantasy and world-clash fantasy, not to mention my Olden Times random OCCUPATIONS generator which you can download with this link )I thought it was time to create a Romance version
  5. The business idea generator will give you random businesses. Find the perfect business to start, entirely at random. Generators List - Fun lists, games, and tools
  6. Slogan Generator Generate slogan ideas for your brand, product or company with Slogan Generator. Enter a subject to generate a slogan for it. Slogan Generator generates free, unlimited random slogans that are catchy and cool. Slogan Resources
  7. Find tons of great conversation topics with our random conversation topic generator

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List Randomizer. This form allows you to arrange the items of a list in random order. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs App Idea Generator is a tool for generating the best and most unique app ideas for your enjoyment. Find an idea for the next big thing Scholastic's Story Starters kids' writing activity generates creative writing prompts, from general fiction to adventure, fantasy, and science fiction

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  1. The Story Idea Generator picks a random conflict from each of the Internet Public Library's list of 7 plots, 20 plots, and 36 plots. These conflicts are generic enough that you must supply your own details
  2. 8/5/12: At long last, Chaotic Shiny's 100th generator is released: the deeply silly RPG Drinking Game Generator. And in celebration of hitting 100 generators, the Random 3 Encounter Contest has begun! Create a random encounter using three random generators, send it in, win cool prizes
  3. Tattoo Idea Generator ALL Tattoo. Generate a tattoo idea with the random Tattoo Idea Generator. Stuck for an idea for your next or first tattoo? Let the Tattoo Idea Generator find one for you and where to put it!! There are animal, symbol, character, anime, nature, tribal and many other tattoo ideas to get you started
  4. RANDOM.ORG offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs

An OC generator I made because I was struggling to think of OC ideas. I tried to put as much detail into it as possible, and will probably add more things to it eventually! - ShindanMaker (en Thesaurus Story plot generator API Let's see... Setting, characters, events... Ah ha! Use these random, automagically generated ideas to write a story, a song, make a painting, or anything else you can think of! The characters, settings, and events are free to use and enjoy

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Dec 2, 2014 - Plot and storyline idea generator for a short story, novel, book, TV film, movie, soap opera or game script. Creates a plotline, characters and situation Random Drawing Generator GIF Made by AudityDraws! Use this free idea generator featured in AudityDraws video for new funny ideas or just having a laugh. We also made a free mobile app idea generator with over 15,000 funny combinations! To get it, go to WannaDraw.com or search for WannaDraw in the app store Automatic Song Lyrics Generator - Song Maker - Song Generator - Song Creator - Make a Song Mashup - Song Ideas - Random Song Lyrics Generator - Online Song Writer. Many songs are parodies of other work. If you want to use them elsewhere please check your country's parody laws

Random Art Idea Generator. Give yourself a new project or get yourself out of your comfort zone. ©201 Random Story's book title generator create random titles suitable for short stories with a different genre that includes fantasy, horror, and sci-fi. 10. Random Fantasy Book Title Generator Random Fantasy Novel Title Generator generates random fantasy titles. Simply press the button on their site, and it will combine words into unique titles. Random Number Generator. Use this generator to generate a trully random, cryptographically safe number. It generates random numbers that can be used where unbiased results are critical, such as when shuffling a deck of cards for a poker game or drawing numbers for a lottery, giveaway or sweepstake

A random stimulus is any class of creativity techniques that explores randomization. Most of their names start with the word random, such as random word, random heuristic, random picture and random sound. In each random creativity technique, the user is presented with a random stimulus and explores associations that could trigger novel ideas Each game idea consists of five elements that are divided into categories (Theme, Genre, Core Aesthetic, Objective or Design Challenge). These categories are commonly used in game design and they help you to make your game idea more concrete. The categories can be interpreted like this: Theme is overall context, atmosphere or setting of your game

This site is a random art idea generator that covers a lot of topics, including various fine art prompts. And yes - we have cat drawing prompts - just look under pets :) Once you've settled on the topic, be sure to hit the button a few times to see what kinds of drawing prompts are out there Hybrid Types + Generator NightWing Name Generator Accessories & Appearance Details Tutorial: Coloring Dragons and Transparent Bases Tutorial: Hybrids New Reading List. Vote. YOU ARE READING. Wings of Fire Ideas! Random. A book full of ideas for your Wings of Fire fanfiction! Name ideas, characters, book covers,.

Portent's Content Idea Generator lets you create catchy titles for your next blog post, podcast, or video. Simply type in your subject and the Idea Generator will spin up a creative title and advice to take it to the next level A random plot generator must be top of any novelist's Christmas wish list! It sounds like the perfect answer to writer's block. I give some fun random plot generators below, but more seriously, here are two good plot and idea generators: The Storymatic, and; Rory's Story Cubes 35 Random Idea Generators for Writing a Romance Novel Who doesn't love a good idea generator? It not only helps supply you with endless inspiration at the touch of a button but it's a great way to waste a few hoursor days

Notes From Under the Kyak: Mapping - Proof of ConceptBook Title Ideas: 6 Actionable Steps to Choose a Book54 Best Book Faces images | Books, Face, Do lovePix2Pix – Towards Data Science

Writers Plot Idea Generator - create a random story line Plot and storyline idea generator for a short story, novel, book, TV film, movie, soap opera or game script. Creates a plotline, characters and situation After a huge World War, one nation emerges victorious, but that nation is ruled by a strict dictator. The dictator is so strict that he forces all scientific advances to stop, causing humanity to forget how to make modern technology Like the Story Idea Generator, the source of the conflicts here come from the Internet Public Library's list of 7 plots, 20 plots, and 36 plots.. But unlike the Story Idea Generator, which presents you with a random conflict from each list of plots, the Random Conflict Generator combines these lists into a list of 63 conflicts (7 + 20 + 36) and randomly selects 10 of the 63 The Most Popular Tools. Random Word Generator: Generate a list of random words.Great tool for brainstorming ideas. Random Sentence Generator: Create random sentences for creative brainstorming.; Random Number Generator: Generate some random numbers in a specific number range.; Remove Line Breaks: Remove unwanted line breaks from your text.; Random Choice Generator: Let this tool make a random. Pairing and prompt generator, kink edition! Prompts borrowed from this list as well as from kink bingo. Because the person in charge is lazy, both boy and girl group generators may include prompts specifically for the opposite sex. Just roll with it Game Idea Generator Need an idea for a game? Now that game creation tools like Unity, Source and Unreal are free there's nothing stopping you from making the next big game! This generator can help you come up with a PC, Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo game that could be the next Minecraft! Your Game.

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